Version 2.0.0 Available now!

I recently (February 27, 2015) released an update for both iSlideRule and iSlideRule HD. I've moved them closer to being the "same" app in that both now support all the same scales, and both have identical features, other than the number of scales per stator/slide that are presented.

iSlideRule still has 4 scales per stator, while iSlideRule HD presents 5 scales.

I have fixed the "nudge" issue which plagued earlier releases. Touching the top or bottom stator on the left side of the rule should move the slide to the left, and a touch on the right moves the slide right 1 point. Similarly, touching the slide on the left or right side will move the stators left or right one point.

Updated documentation, support for iOS 8 and the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus devices, along with full retina graphics throughout, and newly generated scales for all scales, and additional gauge marks were all provided in this update.

That said, some issues have been discovered. The descriptions and equations displayed for the inverse log (LL/0, LL/1, LL/2, and LL/3) scales has the equations listed in reverse order. The equation given for LL/0 is for LL/3 and vice versa, as are the equations given for LL/2 and LL/1. I'll fix this in a patch update in a couple of weeks. I also saw that while my HTML documentation renders and displays fine on the desktop, the dimensional analysis table has some square block characters where a script-L and some other Greek characters are supposed to be. Again, I'll fix this in the upcoming 2.0.1 patch update.

If anyone finds anything else in the 2.0.0 release that is questionable, please let me know via email! Thanks!