1.2.1 and 1.0.1 are available, and 1.2.2 and 1.0.2 are in review

You have probably noticed; I released an update a few weeks ago for both the iSlideRule, and iSlideRule HD apps. These updates didn't add too much, but in were done to enable the multi-tasking features that were provided back in iOS 4, and fix a minor issue that resulted in the secondary and tertiary scale selections not being selected in the proper order on the scales.

So, today, I released two new updates to the App Store. This update adds iOS 6 support, and iPhone 5 support. I've also added a feature that was asked for some time back; the ability to view (rapidly) both ends of the slide rule without moving the cursor (something that was asked for clear back in the initial 1.0 release!)

Sorry it took me so long on this one. Anyway, in this update (1.2.2 for iSlideRule, and 1.0.2 for iSlideRule HD), touching the center slide with two fingers and panning left or right will rapidly move the view to the left or right index. Releasing the touch lets the view "snap back" to the cursor position. Hopefully, this will provide the feature that folks have been wanting.

I also added a two-finger swipe up/down gesture on the cursor to temporarily switch to the previous or next color in the settings order.

The big update is to the iSlideRule HD app, where I've added several new scales, used for "dimensional analysis" (think "Analon" slide rule and you've got it).
The new scales are ONLY available on the primary rule set, and ONLY available in specific positions on the top, center, and bottom slides; the primary reason for this is that the label descriptions for these scales are not the usual type of description; but instead show the dimensional relationships between the various properties provided on each scale. I highly recommend finding a copy of the Analon manual online and reading it while "playing" with these scales.

In other news; with the latest update in tools from Apple, it is nearly impossible to support devices that only use iOS 4.2.1 and earlier. Apple has removed support for devices that can only run iOS earlier than 4.3 from their development tools. So; with that in mind, the latest versions of iSlideRule and iSlideRule HD will only run on iOS 4.3 and later. So; what does this mean? It means the iPhone 3 and earlier versions, and iPod Touch 2nd generation and earlier are not supported in this latest update. I really hope that most folks are running newer harder by now…

iSlideRule HD running on an iPad Retina-display model, with a VGA dock connector to a big-screen projector is just plain cool!

Also, as my weblogging tool is losing the ability for folks to comment via my weblog, I suggest just emailing me your comments directly… I can always post general comments received by email to my log.

Thanks! - Steve