My Bio

Name: Stephen L. Reid
Age: 60
Birthday: May 18, 1960
Status: Very Happily Married.


Education: B.S in Computer Science, '83, Washington State University

High School: Wilbur High School, Wilbur, Washington, graduated in 1978. Member of Honor Society.

University: Washington State University in Pullman, Washington, graduated in Jan. 1983 with a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science.

Employment: Software Designer, Texas Instruments Incorporated, since 1982. Work assignments are in communications / USB-driver / development, as well as developing the software for the TI-Innovator Hub product, released by TI in September 2016, and OS and App development for the TI-84 Plus CE family of products, including the new Python app and distribution. Past work includes link software development on the Macintosh, developing new and better software to facilitate communications between the Macintosh and the TI Educational Technology product line (TI-92Plus, TI-89, TI-83Plus, etc. educational graphing calculators). Additionally, I have been working on other USB-related projects at work, primarily in the area of low-level implementation of USB/OTG at the hardware and just above hardware layers. In the past, I have worked on products such as the TI-74 Basicalc, TI-95 Procalc, Ready Reference Spell Checker products, and developed the firmware and PC software for the TI PC-Interface for the TI-74/TI-95s. I am also a Technical Lead for the TI-Nspire team for USB, as well as the original developer of the BA II Plus Financial calculator app for the iPhone/iPad (available in the app store). I do my own iOS development on the side as well (see iSlideRule and RPD-95 on this site for examples!)

Current and Past Hobbies:
Jet boats
Darts (steel-tip, I was the Tuesday and Wednesday Night Director and Vanguard/Gemini Director for the Dallas Darts Association), through June of 2002. and am was also the DDA Editor of Publications. I was the Vice-President of the DDA until July of 2004.
Billiards. I used to play in the Dallas APA, but haven't played now in some years...
iOS Application Development - I've written several apps that are available in the iTunes app store - "iSlideRule", iSlideRuleHD, and RPD-95 (RPD-95 not currently available for sale). I also developed the BA II Plus™ Financial Calculator app for TI.

Additionally, I am an Endowment Life Member of the
National Rifle Association.

Other activities:
My wife and I purchased a home in the Whispering Hills neighborhood of Dallas, in June 2009, and sold it in October 2020. We purchased a second home in Harrogate, Tennesee in September 2020. I am now working remotely from the lake house in Lincoln, WA.

Growing up: I grew up in a small town (Wilbur) in Washington state. I did a variety of things while I was growing up; from running newspaper routes (3 of the 4 routes in town at one time), to running combine during the annual wheat harvest, to working as a greenskeeper at the local semi-private golf course. I graduated from Wilbur High School in 1978, and began attending WSU that fall. I attended the Wilbur school system from kindergarten (starting in 1965) to graduation in 1978, and WSU from fall 1978 to mid-term graduation in January of 1983. During college, I continued the jobs mentioned previously until 1981. In 1981, I was a summer-hire / Geotechnical assistant at Grand Coulee Dam, working for the Department of the Interior, Bureau of Reclamation. My job there was interesting; collecting data from monitoring stations, and entering the data into the main computer system for analysis. In addition, I got to write/develop some real-time data collection software and data plotting software on an HP 9375 (I think that was the model... it's been a few years...).