Fort Lewis Park Dedication
On September 23, 2006, I traveled with my family to Ft. Lewis Washington to attend the SGT John Ordway statue dedication at the Ft. Lewis Memorial Park. The park was designed by my brother John; a landscape architect with the US Army Corps of Engineers. Some of the pictures (notably the Plaques for the SGT Ordway statue) were taken during the Spring of 2007.
SGT Ordway Statue
CPT Lewis Statue
US Map
My brother
Seaman Plaque
Lewis Plaque
Corp of Discovery Plaque
Lewis Plaque
Committee Plaque
Ordway Plaque
1st Sergeant Plaque
SGT John Ordway History Plaque
Map of US - 1803 with CPT Lewis Status
Ft. Lewis Memorial Park Committee Members
Fort Lewis Entrance
CPT Lewis and Seaman
Seaman Statue