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Website Design Work

I do a bit of website design work in my spare time. I've worked on several sites since 1994. Some of these sites are listed below.

One of my earliest sites was an internal TI (Texas Instruments) website that was hosted on an old 33MHz 386-based computer, running Windows for Workgroups 3.11, and an HTTP server package. This site no longer exists, but parts of it were incorporated into a site I maintain inside TI to this day; a site I named "MacDev".

MacDev is an internal site and is not accessible outside of the TI network. It basically contains a lot of internal information that internal TI software developers use when designing software to interface to our TI graphing calculators.


Another early site I did work on is the website for O'RIley's Billiards, Food, & Bar, located in Dallas, Texas on Forest Lane, near the corporate headquarters for Texas Instruments.


Another site I developed for a club is the Drinks Saloon website. Drinks is located on TI Boulevard, just north of LBJ Freeway, in Dallas. This site is now defunct, although the club is still thriving!


I also set up the web pages for the Dallas Area Macintosh Engineers and Developers (D.A.M.E.D. for short). This is a loose association of local Macintosh developers. We used to get together occasionally for lunch but haven't in the past few years.


I did this site for an acquaintance of mine, Mark McQuade, a great contractor who does great work. The site is now defunct however.


Another site I designed and help to maintain is the Dallas Darts Association website. I was a director of the DDA for several years, as well as serving a year as the vice-president of the Association. As I am no longer associated directly with the DDA, another person has taken over maintenance of this site.

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In addition to the sites above, I do a bit of website work for my brother-in-law on his website, Drew designs and builds high performance engines for marine and track use, as well as manufacturing and selling Shotgun exhaust silencers, primarily in the marine market.


Another of my sites is for LB Construction and Moving, Inc., based in Richardson, Texas. Check it out. They, among other things, run the salvage surplus sales for Texas Instruments, Raytheon, and other companies... as well as providing construction, rigging, transportation, moving, and other services.

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My most recent work has been for an acquaintance of mine here in Dallas. He needed a site to use to advertise cars, hot rods, motorcycles, and projects he's working on. This is one of my first sites to incorporate some simply Flash slideshows rather than traditional photo galleries. I post pictures for Rick as he has new cars for sale and do general updates to the site on an as-needed basis.