Colds, Pool, Carpet, and Stuff

For the past several weeks now, I've had a fairly persistent and nasty headcold with some minor bronchial congestion. The darn thing just won't let go no matter what I seem to do. It's not keeping me from doing things I have to do, but it sure makes life not so much fun! I'll get over it eventually but its making me miserable in the meantime!

My 9-Ball team is playing (as usual) pretty well! We're in good position after the first few weeks of the spring session. The 8-Ball team I'm on is doing darn good as well. We won this past week 4-1 over a good team from the 777 Club. Happy I also got a call from my dad; as well as an email. He found a deal on a new 8 foot pool table for my house at the lake in Washington. It'll be delivered and set up this next Tuesday (Valentines Day!). He told me that he and mom will be practicing so that they can take me on when I come up this summer! I am really looking forward to vacation; there's going to be lots of work for my dad & I to take care of (both on my house, and his... we've got a new roof to put on the shop. That'll be a bit of work!

My sister called me last to night to let me know how much she enjoyed shopping yesterday with my money. Seems she and Mom got together and hit Home Depot. They found the right carpet for my house, so got it all ordered. Delivery and installation included. Came in at about what I had estimated for it. She also found a nice slate-appearance laminate designed for use in bathrooms. We'll do at least the one upstairs bathroom with it. The house final finish work is all falling into place now.

Work the past few weeks has been just moving right along on my current project. I'm getting closer to a beta version of the code that can be placed in software test. The main issue is my project has to support several future products that have not been fully designed as yet; so I have to "anticipate" a bit on their design and be able to be flexible enough to handle interfacing to these future products. Its quite a challenge, but I think I've got a good enough design implemented to cover it. Just have to fully document everything when I get close to finished... Happy