Fat Tuesday @ Home

Here it is, Fat Tuesday, and I'm home. Good thing actually. I'm tired and need some rest, and its another long day tomorrow. 9-Ball last night; and 8-Ball tomorrow night.

A slight correction from my last post; we're actually getting carpeting for my house from the local carpet and furniture store in my home town, along with installation. I'd always rather do business with local businesses than a business 70 miles away. Money spent at "home" works at "home". Nice rule of thumb when you do business in a rural area.

The 8-Ball team I'm on did good last week (we won 4-1), and we've (at least for the moment) moved into 1st place in our division. My 9-Ball team is having a little mid-season struggle. We've lost the last two matches; one pretty badly, and then last night (not so bad, but still a lost). We've dropped to around 4th place... not too far back yet, but we better turn it around soon... Winking

Work has been hectic; I got switched onto a little higher priority project at work that I need to finish quickly. This one is a fairly straight-forward embedded design with an SPI interface to another processor. I'm doing both sides of the interface and should be able to complete things in short order; about a 4 week total turnaround time; then back to finish up the previous project I was on.

Moving time is fast approaching. Less than 3 weeks to go; and I've been packing as much stuff as I can; when I can. The nice thing about moving like this; I can take my time; get the large stuff moved first, then move enough things so that I can use the apartment and also live at the house while I continue to move stuff. This is basically how I spent my last month in an apartment when I was moving out to the house 14 years back... geez, its been that long! Lots of changes here in Rowlett in that time... Happy Rowlett had a small town "feel" back then. It's lost that in the past few years; its just another suburb now; still a very nice place to live, but different than it was when I moved here originally. The population out here has at least doubled if not more...

Well, I think its about time to close this off and go get some much needed rest. Tomorrow will be here before I know it!