Wonderful world of the web, and a quiet day at home.

I'm just sitting here watching the end of the NASCAR race at TMS on TV... and have my laptop (in my lap, of course). I've been updating the pub websites I maintain. I've tweaked the Drink's Saloon website (www.drinkssaloon.com) and got it working and looking pretty much the way I want.

I also recently updated the ORileys Billiards website (www.orileys.com). These updates make my life a little easier since I've updated my web tools to something much more modern and easy to use. I used to use Claris Homepage 2.0 and 3.0 to do my web development. However, this software has not been updated in several years, and doesn't even run on Mac OS X... requiring me to run the Classic environment to use it. I'm getting used to the new software I'm using (RapidWeaver from RealMac Software, Ltd. - www.realmacsoftware.com) I really like the way it handles web logging (a feature Homepage never had), and also how it integrates with iPhoto to set up and manage photo albums online.

I've now used RapidWeaver on my own personal site, two pub sites, and am working on two other sites with it right now; one of which is almost done, and the other is still pretty much a "work in progress". Happy

The other big change in how I do things now versus a year ago; I'm "wireless" and use an Airport Express base station, hooked into my stereo (so I can listen to my iTunes music), and into my Surfboard cable modem with Comcast cable internet. While I work on webstuff like this, I can download the latest developer updates from Apple that I need this coming week at work, watch a movie on TV (or listen to music if I want), and all from the comfort of my recliner instead of in my home office in the back of the house.

Things sure have changed in the world of computers! Happy Now, I think I'll just relax a bit and get ready for an upcoming week of work, billiards, computers, meetings, and shopping. And, think about getting ready for jury duty as I just got summoned to appear in about a week... Winking