4 Days Down and Ready To Go (Back to Work)

I've had 4 days of downtime and am basically ready to get back to work after a relaxing Thanksgiving break.

I've slept, did laundry, played on the computer a bit, and watched TV. It's downtime I guess I really needed as I don't seem to get much these days what with work, billiards, commuting, and everything else.

sea     So, it's mid-afternoon on Sunday, and I'm sitting here watching the Giants vs Seahawks game. The first quarter just finished and the 'Hawks are in front 7-0. I've been a "fan" (if you can call it that) of the Seahawks for awhile. I'm not a football fanatic, but I've always rooted for the Seahawks. I'm glad their season is going so well this year and I'd really like to see a Superbowl trophy head up to Seattle! Guess we'll see...

Well, back to the game and preparations for the coming workweek. Still not making much progress on the new project, and will probably be having a sit-down with project management to discuss my concerns. It seems like the system I'm supposed to be building upon isn't as far along, or ready, as I thought it was (and as far along as others thought it was as well...) Good news in billiards, my 9-Ball team has Monday off, and the 8-ball team; well... let's not go there! Winking