Halloween 2006

It's nearly time to go out for my annual trip over to Drinks for their Halloween party! I always have a great time there this time of year. I'm taking the computer along since I need to upload this entry, along with changes to their website as well as mine.

This past week, I ordered a new 20" iMac computer with wireless keyboard and mouse (it should show up early next week). This is the first new computer I've bought for myself since 1999 (when I bought my old Blue & White G3 system). In addition, I broke down and ordered AT&T SBC Yahoo! DSL service to be connected to my apartment. It's been about 9 months since I had my own Internet access; other than through work, or over at Drinks. With some upcoming stuff, I really decided I needed to have access from home once again. With the service I ordered, it's costing me about 1/2 of what my previous cable internet service cost, and I get faster up/down speeds as well.

The DSL modem and filters and self-install kit arrived yesterday at nearly the same time as I arrived home from work. It should only take a few minutes to connect up and get running if everything works correctly. The DSL service should be up and running sometime Tuesday, Oct. 31 (Halloween!!!)

With the new computer up and running, I'm going to be getting started on a program I'm developing for my brother. He's got a great idea for a commercial software package, the likes of which I've not heard of before. I figure its going to take a while to get it all designed and coded, and the quicker I get started, the quicker I can get it done, and we can start making some money from his idea.

Anyway, time to get a move on here and get going to the club. This should be lots of fun tonight. I can hardly wait to see what some of my friends dress up as tonight. I'm not a big costume-wearer myself, so I'm not actually dressing up, although, I have in the past.