TI Connect - the next generation

This week at work, I spent some time going over the list of features that are still not implemented in TI Connect for OS X (I have a LOT of features I'd really *like* to implement; some will be, other's won't). I added in several "viewers" for types of data that we did not have editors already implemented for, and also reworked the auto-refresh feature of the screen capture. I didn't really like the way it worked before as it was somewhat susceptible to timing out on the capture, and then, just stopping the capture sequence. Sad

I'm still not sure when the next update will be approved or shipped (we're talking some months here for sure), but I've got plenty of things to work on in the software; new features, modifying older features, updates and corrections, as well as dealing with the changeover to the new Intel architecture announced by Apple at the 2005 WWDC. Bottom line; I'm having fun with this stuff and still really like my job after all these years (just made 23 years at Texas Instruments this year) Winking