House Is Up For Sale!

Well, my house in Rowlett is finally up for sale. It took me a while to move most of my stuff out, clean up the place, and get my good friend, Worthie Cunningham, out there to fix up the place; patch, paint, tweak, etc. Happy

The house is in such good shape now, I *almost* feel like moving back out there. Operative word being *almost*. I'm getting settled into the apartment now and am comfortable there.

Work is hectic, as usual, with daily requests coming in for me to jump from project to project... which I just plainly won't do.

Tonight, I'm over at Drinks, getting ready for our last 9-Ball match of the regular season. We have a BYE next week, so don't have to play the last week. It looks like we'll be finish in 3rd place; good enough to make playoffs... who knows? maybe we can capture the division for a second season in a row... not that we need to. We're already qualified to go to our local city tournament to try to win our way to Vegas... Winking