Ready for Christmas break, and New Years

I'm just about ready to head out and visit my folks for Christmas. I've got my shopping handled (got to love on-line shopping and shipping! It makes the task so simple!), and will be flying to Spokane this coming Thursday. Temperatures are running to the low single digits according to dad, and maybe reaching to just below freezing for highs. I'm looking forward to seeing my new house at the lake since the last time I saw it this summer, it was still being built.

The past week saw my 9-Ball team not playing; we showed up, but the other team didn't; so a full match forfeit, and a few hours of practice ensued. My project at work is slowly making some progress... little by little I'm getting some of the system to work, at a low level. I don't know how much farther I'll get in the next few days; hopefully enough to get something working. Happy

Dad told me that the local VFW post in my home town is having a New Year's party on the 31st... and since I'll be in the area; I'm planning on going. I am looking forward to this party.