TI Connect for OS X News

This week, I finally was able to release my latest product at work. This latest update to TI Connect for Macintosh OS X, version 1.6, supports Apple's latest OS X version, 10.4 (Tiger).

Our earlier 1.1 release had issues when running under Tiger in that it couldn't identify an attached device. The background TI Connect Manager had no trouble finding and identifying the device, but the front-end applications like TI Device Explorer had trouble matching up those devices to what it could recognize.

Along with that issue, I fixed over 150+ other issues as they were found during software test. All this in a period of about 6 weeks... it kept me busy for sure!

I'm pondering doing something here on my website along the lines of a "tips and hints" for using some of the more esoteric features that TI Connect provides. There are lots of cool features in the application that deserve more than just a line or tool in a help file without going more in-depth. I might even start a podcast with different short episodes on how to access and use some of these advanced TI Connect features. Who knows?