It's Been Awhile...

It's been a while since I posted anything here, so I thought I'd just put a few thoughts and updates as to what's been going on with me here.

I'm spending time at work these days doing design work on the next project I've been assigned to. Can't really discuss what it is, of course, but its fun, and innovative, and a challenge; all the things I like about my job. We've got a great team of people on this one (like all the projects we do, of course), and its moving forward rapidly (at least I think so). I've got enough time right now to do a really good job of up-front design and thinking through all the interactions that are needed in the system, as well as how communications with the outside world will work. This is the type and style of project that I can really enjoy working on. My whiteboard is covered with design notes, as well as half of a notebook full of scribbled down ideas, comments, features, and little pieces of the system design, all block-diagramed out. I'm busily transcribing all that (plus what's floating around in my head) into a more formalized set of documents... Happy

My pool playing has been "back-burnered" lately by a number of things (time, health, work, etc.) but I'm hoping to turn that around and get back to the table soon. I do enjoy playing and for me; it is a relaxing way to spend a few less stressful hours during the week (and I miss having a couple of cold beers with the team!)

Christmas time is nearing, and I'll be traveling home to visit my parents. It'd be nice to have a really white Christmas, but I'll settle for having my family around over the holidays. It's looking like my brothers and sister, and my parents will all be at my lake house this year for Christmas. It'll be our first Christmas all together in a few years, and a first down at my house. I'm really looking forward to the holidays this year!

And, for those that have looked over my site before; I just added a Meebo widget to the side panel of my front page here. From that widget, anyone can send me an IM if I'm online (and if I'm offline, I'll get the message the next time I sign on)! It's a new feature and widget I found in this months (December '07) issue of MacWorld. It currently forward messages to my AIM account. I'll probably add some of my other online IM accounts as well... Winking