iSlideRule and iPhone

I released my first iPhone / iPod Touch app tonight. It's an idea I had for an application for the iPhone a couple of months back (when I first got my iPhone). I've put together a slide rule application, with configurable scales on each stator and the slide. It will take awhile to show up in the iTunes application store I'm sure, but I hope that folks will find it not only interesting, but useful as well.

Anyway, now that I've completed the first version of it, I have some additional ideas for features that I could add to it (which, for obvious reasons, I won't actually post here yet! Happy

For now, I'm hoping to have reviews that will be useful as an aid for me to improve the app. I did a bit of testing of my own on it to ensure that it worked OK, and in doing so, found that I wasn't handling a full 180 degree rotation correctly. So, of course, that was fixed before I posted version 1.0.0!

So, now I'm just waiting to see what the response is to this app. And, of course, I'm contemplating my next application! So begins my exploration of the iPhone application market. I even purchased an iPod Touch just to insure that the app would work on it (of course, they sent me a second generation touch. Since I cant' quickly verify that it works on a 1st generation Touch, I didn't mark it as compatible with that platform. It *probably* would work though. The app doesn't do anything to strange or restrictive that would limit its capability on the older Touch.