Hot, Hot, Hot, and Still Vacation delayed...

Well, its really hot here in Dallas. We just ended a week plus of over 100 degree days.

Catching up on the news here; well... over the 4th of July, my house in Rowlett decided it was time to give me another test! Happy

Over the past 15 years of living there, I had replaced every major mechanical system in the house. Except for one piece of equipment; the A/C coils in the attic, attached to the furnace/air handling system. It decided to go out on the 4th of July and not in a minor way. The "emergency" drain tray that catches any condensate water that may not make it to the main drain system decided to literally fall to pieces, and the main drain failed, so I had wet carpet, wet drywall, and wet fiberglass all over the place in the back bedroom that I used to use as an office.

I shut down the A/C, removed the wet carpet to the garage, and tossed the wet underlayment out. After things dried out a bit, I removed the damaged drywall (ceiling, mostly), and began the process of cleaning things up. As it turns out, I definitely need a new A/C coil, and I'll be replacing the old, outdated, and bad duct work that had lost its outer plastic sheathing (amazing how that stuff can go bad...) That, plus a new drain tray, re-route the drain system, put up some new drywall, tape, texture, and paint, then new underlayment and re-lay the old carpet (which is perfectly fine and dry), and we'll be ready to go to market again! I'm still giving whoever buys the place a "new carpet allowance" to put whatever carpet they want into the house. Not everyone likes blue carpet... Happy

Work is totally insane right now. Too many hours; too few people; too many people on vacation... and major serious deadlines looming. Just finished working about 35-40 hours in 2.5 days... and I'm just shot. Still a huge amount of stuff to get working; but the end is in sight. Finally. It's really amazing what you can do when you're hugely sleep deprived! I sure do like Diet Coke!

Amidst all this; I'm still playing 9- and 8-Ball in league. My 8-Ball team is fun; but we just can't seem to catch a break. My 9-Ball team is just plain fantastic. We're focusing on having more fun this season than really caring about winning, but sometimes individual match wins (like this week's) are just so satisfying! Winking I like winning against players that are really not very sportsmanlike; or just have plain super-ego's that make them think they just can't be beat...

Anyway; another week is coming up. Maybe I'll be able to go on vacation one of these days... Sad