Another week and now; vacation delayed!

Well, another week has gone by; and its still hot here in Dallas. No buyer for my house yet; but I am hopeful that it will sell soon. I've been asked about my house by several people; I direct them to the house (give them the address and such) and tell them to contact a realtor to see it... Happy

Big news this week at work; my vacation plans were basically put on hold. I lose the airline tickets I have (they're non-refundable, although work will refund me for them since they need me to stay and help to complete the big project thats going on.) So, vacation is put off and delayed; probably till closer to Labor Day at this point. I'm understandable a little disappointed. Sad

My 9-Ball team won Monday night; playing at home against the other "home" team; the team formerly known as "Chris's Team" and now known as "Who Cares?" (a slight play against my team "Who's Next?" Happy It was a close match; finishing out at 52-48.

My 8-Ball team won the match 3-2 on Wednesday night, so all the pool this week was good (maybe because I didn't actually play in either match; just acted like a "captain"!!!) Winking

I'm looking forward to a relaxing weekend with not much going on except a little web-work and some yardwork out at the house in Rowlett (weeding, trimming, and generally upkeep...)

For now, I'm sitting here with a cold beverage and good friends... and getting ready to sign off. All websites are up to date and I'm winding my week down!