Spring, Vinyl, Pool and Stuff

Spring has definitely arrived here in Dallas. The weather lately has been great. As I sit here looking out the window, the sky is blue with a few clouds, and a slight breeze is blowing. In general, its pretty relaxing. I've also been walking to work when I can; usually Tuesdays and Thursdays as the other days of the week I have lunch out with friends.

I've resumed (after a few year layoff) the conversion of my album collection from vinyl to electronic so that I can put the songs on my iPod. Re-listening to some of these albums that I haven't played in years brings back memories. I still enjoy a lot of this music and remember why I bought a particular album or another. Of course, a few albums that I have and have listened to make we wonder what I was thinking when I bought them. Happy

We're midway through our Spring APA season. It started off pretty good, but work is taking a toll on my ability to concentrate on my pool game. The usual near end-of-project frenzy is in full swing and code stability is of huge importance. My 9-Ball team is holding position about midway in the standings, but I would wish we were in better position. We've got a few weeks to turn around and start winning consistently again... we'll see what happens.

This next week is a critical one at work; our latest project goes into full system test. We'll just have to see how it goes. Happy