It's gotten hot here in Dallas. It's been hot (and dry for the most part) for some time already this year; more than normal.

Tomorrow, I've got to run out to the house, adjust the soaker hoses around the house (mainly the amount of time I run them each day), and mow the yard. It's been a few weeks since I last mowed and edged and it needs it. It hasn't grown much (especially since I'm not watering the yard; much anyway... Winking

I left work a bit earlier than normal today (still, it was after 5pm, but when you've been getting in at 5:30 or 6am and staying until after 6pm all week, 5pm seems early!). I'm here at Drinks Saloon, enjoying a cold Keystone Light and some nice jukebox music and conversation with some friends of mine.

Vacation... in two weeks, I'm supposed to leave on vacation... heading to Washington state as usual... and wow! Am I looking forward to the time off. The past few months have really beat me up (mostly mentally) at work. I'm exhausted. I can hardly wait to get up north where it is cooler, and spend some time at my house on the lake. I've got some work to do there for sure. I'm planning on completing the upstairs bathrooms (tile floors, fixture installs, etc) and finishing out the kitchen and breakfast area floors. It's lots of work, but a lot different than what I do at Texas Instruments. Besides that, the view from the house is; to put it simply; fantastic.

Well, signing off for now!