A Good Start to a New Year

Well, it's 2007, and I'm busy updating websites since I just returned from my Christmas trip to Washington state. It took a bit since my original flight plan was through Denver (that flight, on Frontier Airlines, was cancelled since the airport was still closed on Dec 21, 2006 due to the recent blizzard). So, new plans were made, and I flew Alaska Airlines to Seatlle, then on to Spokane via Horizon Airlines. The return trip was on the 1st instead of the 4th, so vacation was cut a bit short. Flew back on Horizon from Spokane to Portland, then via American Airlines from Portland to Dallas. It was basically a good trip all around.

I've posted additional pictures in my pictures gallery under the Construction heading. Mainly because they're all pictures taken down at the new house on the lake over Christmas (my parents and I spent most of my vacation down at the house and I really hated to leave the place because it is very comfortable!)

Anyway, back to updating sites... Winking