A New Year has begun

Well, I've been back at work over a week now, and am making good progress on the current project at work. I still have a few misgivings about whether it can be made to work reliably, but I keep working on the system anyway.

My 9-Ball team won the 1st round of playoffs while I was in Washington by a score of 52-48. My co-captain called me at about 2 am to give me the news... Winking

This week, we played against the playoff top-seeded team, Chris's Team, out of the same club my team plays out of; Drinks. It was a great match and very very close. My team managed to pull off the win by a score of 51 to 49. It doesn't get much closer than that! So, my team is now qualified for entry to the 9-Ball City Tournament. If we manage to win there, we have the opportunity and honor to compete in Las Vegas at the next National Championship for the APA.

I'm also in preparation to move from my house here in Rowlett and back to an apartment in Dallas. I'm moving close to work; close enough to walk to work in fact. After nearly 14 years in the house, the 20 mile one way drive is getting just a bit old, not to mention expensive in terms of gasoline. Happy I'm looking forward to moving. The floor plan I'm looking at will be available for move-in on March 18 according to the leasing office at the complex. A few weeks out to be sure, but it gives me time to get everything packed that will be moved.