Moving Time is Approaching

The time is getting closer and closer to when I'll be moving out of my house, and into an apartment (actually, a townhouse) closer to work. I've been spending time on the weekends packing stuff into boxes (specifically, things that I plan on storing and not really using again for some time). I can leave a lot of stuff in boxes that I want to keep, but don't necessarily need in the apartment.

I just finished loading a bunch of boxes with stuff and sealing them up. My living room is beginning to look like a mini-warehouse with boxes all lined up! Happy I'm going to miss the house after I move out, but the convenience of living closer to work and being able to actually walk to work (and subsequently NOT being in traffic and driving so much) will make up for it.

I got word from my dad that my cargo trailer has finally been sold. This is good news as I can use the money that the sale brought in to buy carpeting and tile for my house in Washington. The upstairs bedrooms will get carpeting, and tile for the bathrooms. Once that is done, finish trim and doors can be installed. I'm already looking forward to getting up to Washington this summer and working on the house; getting the yard started, trees planted, etc. I've also got several projects to work on with my dad, as usual. I look forward to working with my dad on projects each summer; its a big reason why I enjoy my vacations so much.

My current work project is going well now. I made some breakthroughs in the past week or so and can now see the "light" at the "end of the tunnel" on this one. It's been a very difficult project, but I'll get this one out. Winking