Easter @ The New Apartment

It's been several weeks since I posted anything, so I thought I'd take a moment and put something together.

The past weeks have been hectic, but things are returning to "normal". I've completed my move to my new apartment and am getting comfortable there. I currently don't have internet connectivity at the apartment, and am considering just not getting connected here. I have adequate access both at work, and over at Drinks Saloon (free wi-fi there via www.ecast.net). So, what's been happening? Besides the move, I've been shuffled around on several projects at work and am getting dizzy from all the different stuff coming in from every direction.

My 9-Ball team is doing OK and we are holding our own. The city tournament is coming up and we're ready. The 8-Ball team I'm on has been struggling the past few weeks. We were in 1st place for several weeks, but have been losing lately and are missing a few of our more critical players. Its difficult to compete when we are short and giving away matches on forfeits. Its gotten to the point where I am planning on putting my own 8-Ball team back together again for the summer and beyond. I've got a few new players that want to join so shouldn't have trouble fielding a full team.