Late summer update...

Well, with the assistance of a very good friend, my house is nearly all back together. The ceiling is repaired, and re-textured/painted, and now all that remains is finishing the repairs to the attic A/C unit (actually, I'm replacing it).

Work is still hectic, but the end is near. I've nearly completed a new driver for the device communications module, and it works. Vacation is close; I'll be leaving on Sept. 1... and I am really looking forward to it.

Pool's summer session is just about over; our last 8-ball match is tomorrow night; and I believe I'm about done with playing 8-Ball in league. I enjoy 9-Ball immensely, but 8-Ball, while fun, is proving to be too much to handle as captain. I don't need so much stuff going on... Happy

Vacation will be a welcome break; even though I've got lots of work to do in Washington. Plans are to finish the house and get all the doors hung and trim installed, as well as tiling the upstairs bathrooms and putting fixtures in. It'll be good to get this done. Winking

I figured I should put something in here just to let people know I'm still updating the site. It's been a month and my friend Josh was commenting last week that I hadn't updated in a while... Happy ( Hi Josh! )

Well, gotta run to my next little appointment; I should be home around 9pm tonight...