WebWorld Fun Links

I spend quite a bit of time out on the web, both for work and play. I've run across a few interesting sites out there in the world of the web. I'm going to add a few of the more interesting ones here...

Of course, there's the Dallas Darts Association (of which I was a member, director, and even vice-president of...) I'm currently the Editor of Publications (which basically these days means "web guy"...

Then, an acquaintance of mine runs a nice business site... if you've got something to sell, try Sell.com!

I also came across this site and the adventures of "Foamy" the squirrel. While this type of humor might not be for everyone, I find it very amusing and enjoyable. The main "Neurotically Yours" site is linked to the banner below. Another good Foamy site is "Friends Of Foamy".

One of my favorite Sci-Fi shows of all time has to be Babylon 5. I found the 5 year-long tale to be riveting and one of those rare shows that doesn't get out-dated with the passage of time.

My other current favorite Sci-Fi show is Stargate SG-1. I've bought the first 8 seasons of DVDs... this is another show that is just plain great, as far as I'm concerned. I started watching this show a number of years back, and still enjoy watching the new episodes.

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I enjoy watching movies, and when I want to buy a DVD, I order from DVD Universe! I've always gotten great service and great prices. They have a great selection of DVDs, and music CDs as well.

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