Back from Vacation

I arrived back in DFW from vacation last Sunday night and am now back at work. Vacation was loads of relaxation punctuated with a lot of hard work both at my new house on the lake, and at my parent's house. My dad & I hung new overhead doors on his garage, laid a tile floor in the kitchen at my new house, finished countertops, installed sinks, attached light fixtures, and generally kept really busy. It was great.

We traveled on Sept. 22 over to Seattle and stayed overnight with my brother Jim. The next day, we were guests at Fort Lewis for the SGT John Ordway statue dedication ceremony. My brother John, with the US Army Corps of Engineers, was the landscape architect who designed the Fort Lewis Memorial Park. There are pictures from the event here.

I installed lots of lighting and placed a tile floor in the kitchen down at my new house. I also have pictures of that on the construction photos page. Check out these links ( here, here, and here ) to see what progress was made while I was on vacation!

Now that I'm back, I'm back playing 9-Ball on Monday nights. While I was gone, my 9-Ball team completed the summer session playoffs and pulled off another victory in winning the division playoffs yet again. This makes 4 sessions out of the past 5 that my team has won the playoffs for this division. We are now qualified again for the city tournament to be held after the Spring 2007 session. Third year in a row! I just really love my 9-Ball team! Happy

And now, time to sign off. I've really got to update this log a bit more often I guess... Winking