Updating the Web and the Week In (Quick) Review

I finally published sites I've been working on to "live" status.

The website for my brother-in-law's business; Drew Marine, in Spokane, Washington; is now live at www.drewmarine.com. I had done a version of the site using lighter colors, like a white background, and different navigation. But, Drew likes the color scheme we had before with a black background and purple color scheme. So... I re-did the new site with that color scheme in mind, but more modern than what I had before. I'm very happy with the result!

Another site I've been working on for some time was my friend, Mark McQuade's site; McQuade Contracting. It's finally live now and on-line.

I also added another new page to my site containing links to some sites I really enjoy. I'll keep adding to it as I think of other sites I really enjoy visiting.

Work is going a bit better as I'm finally starting to make some level of progress on the new project I'm on; not as much as I'd like, but at this point, I'll take anything. My 9-Ball team had this week off (a bye), but my 8-Ball team played Wednesday. We had enough players so as to not forfeit any matches. I played about as well as I could, but was not able to win (again). It's a bit frustrating knowing that I've got a great team, but we're not able to be competitive. Oh well... Sad